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The Mass Timber Construction Journal (ISSN 2209-2579 (Online)) is a peer-reviewed international online journal, dedicated to high quality research in Mass Timber Construction (MTC). The journal is listed on the International Scientific Indexing (ISI) database here. Our IMPACT FACTOR is currently 0.729 found here. The journal was created to fill an identified gap in the research publishing market. The editors found it difficult to publish MTC research in other journal publications due to a lack of dedicated peer-reviewers, editorial staff and researchers within the MTC field. The journal promotes academic, industry and practitioner-driven quality research informing practitioners and educators about contemporary construction, engineering, materials and timber technology practice. Contributions related to industry and research collaborations will be particularly welcome. These articles may highlight the development of MTC technologies and how innovations in engineered timber are advancing globally. The journal is also an avenue for current Masters and PhD students to showcase their research projects, including a review of their experiences. Contributions will include submissions focused on practice, research, case studies, trends, theory, reviews and experimental research etc. Several issues will have a dedicated theme.

The Mass Timber Construction Journal is an international, interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed, open-access, on-line journal devoted to providing leadership in mass timber, construction, manufacturing, materials science and other research. The Mass Timber Construction Journal is the official research journal of the the Mass Timber Construction community. The Board represents engineering, manufacturing, industry, academic and professional services in a way that reflects diversity, and respects time-honoured editorial autonomy, independence, and non-sectarian views.

The Mass Timber Construction Journal seek expressions of interest from suitably qualified editors wishing to contribute to the development of research activities within the MTC space. Please use the contact for in the main menu to submit an application.

International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) 2209-2579 (Online)

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