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On behalf of the Management Committee and the Editorial Board of the Mass Timber Construction Journal, we wish you a warm welcome to our website. We are a community of people concerned about real issues in our industry, who desire to dialogue and open up space for discussion and sharing of ideas. Please visit the Authors section of the website for information on how to submit material for review for publication. We hope you might consider joining our team. Please use the contact form to apply.

Dr. Paul Kremer

Dr. Paul Kremer

Deputy Journal Editors
Dr. Mark Symmons
Dr. Rodrigo Mourão

Editorial Board
Dr. Rodrigo Mourão - Protective Design and Blast Research Engineer - School of Engineering, The University of Edinburgh
Mr. Anthony Thistleton-Smith - WaughThistelton Architects - MArch - University of Cambridge
Professor Steffen Lehmann - The University of Portsmouth & Distinguished Visiting Professor, XJTU China
Professor Tuan Ngo - Director of the Advanced Protective Technologies for Engineering Structures (APTES) Group at the University of Melbourne
Professor Patricia Layton - Clemson University & Director at the Wood Utilisation + Design Institute
Mr. John Stulen - Director of Innovatek & Executive Office or Forest Industry Engineering Association New Zealand
Dr. Mihai Daian- Lead Consultant, Wood Products, Margules Groome Consulting, Australia
Dr. Daniel Hindman - Associate Professor, Department of Sustainable Biomaterials, Virginia Tech
Dr. Kate TQ Nguyen - Leader of Innovative Fire Engineering Group at the University of Melbourne
Professor Lloyd Scott - College of Engineering and Built Environment, Dublin Institute of Technology
Dr. Paul Crovella, PE – Director – Institute for Mass Timber Research – State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry
Dr. George H. Berghorn, Assistant Professor, School of Planning, Design & Construction, Michigan State University